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Three Dragons s.r.o.

We are not your ordinary outsourced development company; we are experienced veterans in our corresponding fields with a combined professional experience of more than 50 years in the management team. And we pride ourselves being an active part in your project from day one and help you translate your vision into our code. On every step of the way and with the help of our network of developers, designers, animators and artists. Also, once we take on a project, we guarantee we will finish it to your satisfaction. Challenge us!

Julien Fabre

Bsc in Computer Science, 20+ years in software development, architecture and consulting, 10+ years as an entrepreneur. Past clients include government agencies, research labs, media providers, software houses, online retailers, law firms, political parties and more.

Stefan Geisler

BA in Business Administration & Marketing, 25+ years of experience in sales, 15+ years as an entrepreneur. Past companies include Siemens Medical AG and Henry Schein Inc. (a Fortune 500 company). Pioneer in Virtual Reality video production.

Milan Doležal

Msc in Computer Science, 10+ years in games industry. Research of virtual reality in education & cultural heritage. Teaching game development in high schools and universities in cooperation with AAA Game Studios. Highly experienced with Unity and Unreal engines.

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What can we do for you?

Extended Reality

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality - with several years of combined experience covering all aspects of extended reality technologies we are ready to take you to the next level. On all platforms, from Google Cardboard over Oculus/HTC devices or Microsoft Hololens up to WebAR (8th Wall & AR.js).

Unity/Unreal Development

We don't just develop in Unity & Unreal, we even teach Unity at the Masaryk University in Brno/CZ. Unity is more than just game development - let us prove it to you. But if you do want a game, that can be done too! With pleasure.

Web Development

We are specialized in Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and PHP but we can always adapt to your needs thanks to the large network of developers we built over the years. Once we discuss your specific project, we can help you find the right solution.

iOS / Android Development

We can help you convert your ideas and needs into a mobile app, standalone or as an entry point to a bigger ecosystem. We can also assist in the process of launching your app on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Marketing / Consulting

The best product is worthless when no one knows about it or it doesn't cater to your users' needs. We will be with you from the first brainstorming to publishing the finished product. And if we do not have an inhouse solution, we can always refer you to our vast network of business partners that we built worldwide over the last two decades.

3D Modeling

Whether you need 3D models made from scratch, improve existing ones or optimize large STP files for web usage, we can deliver expertly crafted models of the highest standards.

Payment Gateways

Besides payments through Apple, Google or Steam we can arrange a variety of alternative payment methods for you. From premium phone billing up to your own merchant account. Take advantage of our network of trustworthy payment partners.

Project Management

We are used to working in complex environments and handling large tasks. We make sure your project stays within budget and will be delivered on time.


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